#95 Michael Copeland

Driver Michael Copeland 32
Yulee FL
G-unit Monte Carlo
Donnie Durrance Power
Michael's plumbing
Fisher Motorsports
C&L performance
C&M Timber
Jessica Kali and Rylee Copeland
Michael Pool


2018 Borderline Brawl Associate Sponsors Including Finishing Race Order

Finishing position giveaways for the Brawl Aug 11th

  1.Racers Helping Racers ( Chris Storey)  Case of oil  and wix filters
     Rhett Carter (Bazley Road Racing)
     St Johns River Campground (James Powell)
     Kent Corbin (Benny's Racing Equipment)  ($750) Racing Suit
     Central Mobile Homes   $500 to a florida driver that wins the race
     Silent Donation                $500 if Tim Goforth wins
                                             $400 if Shannon Curles wins
                                          or $300 if a Georgia car wins
 Grady Lloyd                        $250 if a Georgia car wins
 Jeff Waters                          $200 if a Georgia car wins
                                              $100 for the first two finishing GA cars
S.R.E Electrical Services (Ocala, Fl)       $250 if a Georgia car wins the race

  2. M&W Contracting   (Joey McGae)        Air Gauge

  3. RC Motorsports (Robby Metts)               5 gallons of 110 in jug

  4. Robby Exum                                           $100
      B4 Signs                                                 Compete wrap form B4 Signs
  5. Waycross Motor Speedway                   1 season pass  for 2018 and 2019 at WMS

  6. M&W Contracting                                 pit extension

  7 .SPS (Chad Tuten)                                  $200 off a drum of fuel

  8 .M&W Contacting                                  Duck Tape/ Pit Mat/Rivets

  9. M&W Contacting                                 Race jug and race funnel

10.Big T's Racing Supplys (Kelly Walker)   1 H500

11 Topnotch Graphics (Brian Green)            1 H500

12 Vip Sign & Graphics                             Half off a wrap valued at $500 ($250 off)
13 M&W Cont.                                          All Star Toe Plates

14 Fitz Factory (Jason Fitzgerald)             1 H500

15 SPS                                                      Fuel jug
16 M&W Cont.                                        Racing Gloves

17 Nevin Gainey Racing                         1 h500

18 Wholesale Automotive                      Air Rivet Gun/Rivets

19 M&W  Cont.                                      Mud Scrapper
20.Waycross Motor Speedway             1 season pass for 2018 and 2019

21.Fitz Factory                                      1 H500

22 M&W Contr.                                    Bead Breaker

23 Five Star Plumbing                           $50

24 Everett Phillips                                $200

25 Topnotch Signs                               1 H500
26 Wholesale Automotive                   Duck Tape /Pit Mat/ Rivets

27 Taylor Trailers                                $50

28 Taylor Trailers                                $50
29 M&W Contr.                                   Seat Belts

30 Chris Davis                                       $100

Five Star Plumbing                                $50 to the 18 place finisher in non qualifier
 VIP Signs & Graphics                          Half off a wrap $500 ($250 off)
Kevin Durden                                        $200 to non qualifiers race
Deep Dixie Outreach                             $200 to non qualifiers race
Durrance Performance                           $200 to non qualifiers race
S.R.E. Electrical Services                      $200 to non qualifiers race
Last Air and Electric                             Trophy and the first ten Cochran locals entrys fees
Rim Rider Race Cars                             $100 to the fastest qualifier
                                                               $100 to the fastest qualifier that doesn't make the race
Coty Reese                                             Simpson racing bag - best finishing GA car
Donnie Dobbins                                     Clubtails supplied, Hats , Decals

William Fisher                                         $50 hard charger
Hot Rod Keller                                         $50

Swainsboro Raceway                               $100 the leader of lap 25
B4 Signs                                                    $50  the leader of lap 4
John Kellum (K&K Hauling)                   $100 the leader of lap 41
Southway Crane                                        $50 the leader of lap 2,12,22,32
Wil Herrington                                          $50 the leader at lap 14
Chad Collins                                             $50 the leader at lap 5,15,25,35
Adam Giles                                               $100 the leader at lap 10
                                                                  $100 to a lucky fan (ball toss)
                                                                  $50 to the tenth fastest qualifier
Ryan Sowles                                              $100 to the leader of lap 50
Extreme Racing Engines                          $400 dyno session for the highest finishing Georgia car
Blue Gator Tiki Bar and  Restaurant  Dunnellon,Fl

Bad Boy Racing                                        $100 - Longest tow award 
S.R.E Electrical Services (Ocala, Fl)        $250 hard luck awarded for feature picked by Stalnaker Racing and 2 h500s to the                                                                      4th place qualifier
Lavon Sparks
Peterson Total Lawn Service (De leon Springs, Fl
Michaels Pool/ Plumbing St Augustine , Fl
Clay County Gutter                                  $100 to last place in the Non Qualifiers
Racing Trash Talk                           
Garrett Lloyd                                              9 entry fees paid
James Shaw, Chad Taylor, Scott Crews, Shawn Taylor, Roger Wren, David Showers Sr, Leon Childs, Shane Taylor, Jonathan Rowe
Brian Green                                            $150 off a wrap

#3 Clint Love

Driver- Clint love
Big body car
Built motor
Loves racing

119 Tony Smith

Driver - Tony Smith
Nickname - papa Tony
Age - too old to tell

Brantley county ga 
Built motor
Tony smith race cars 

Rowe septic
Tony Smith race cars
VIP signs 
Stone construction
Crew - Phil Rowe Ronnie Harmon

2 Roger Spence

Driver: Roger Spence
Baconton Ga
Built Motor
Sponsers Moody Racing & A&D Engine Rebuilders
Crew Chief: Russell Spence

181 Bud Chancey

Yulee, FL
Bud Chancey
From Yulee Florida
Sponsors: First Coast Hydraulics, Chancey Industrial, Allen’s Trailer, W.D. Gardner
Showers chassis

#0 Chad Taylor

Chad Taylor
40yrs old
From Waynesville Ga.
79 camaro
Tony Smith built race car
Donnie Durrance power built 350
Sponsors:Security Central of waycross
Duckworth Tire of Waycross
John Noe Trucking BWK GA.
Dixon Mechanical Waynesville Ga.
Home Tacks:Waycross Motor Speedway/Golden Isles Speedway

#1 Michael Hutto

Michael Hutto age 43, Arabi GA 'Hutto'
Chevy Nova, motor by Burke Racing Engines
Sponsors- D & H Graphics, Mike Fraser's Auto
Crew chief Durwood & Connie Holt Hutto along with wife Danielle

64 Wil Herrington

Driver: Wil Herrington
Owners: BJ and Barry Long
Nickname: "Punky"
Hometown: Cochran, GA
Sponsors: Sanders Logging, Sims Farms, Last Air & Electrical
Crew: Glen Herrington, Rocky, and Blue

88 James Parrish

Driver: James  Parrish
Nickname: Slow & Easy
45 years old
Hometown: DeLand Florida
Built motor
Sponsors: CWI Maintenance, McCormick Foliage, Stephen A. Bagen Law Firm

9 Hayden "Bones" Mccormick

Driver: Hayden Mccormick 
23 years old
Hometown: DeLand Florida
Built motor
Sponsors: CWI Maintenance, Mccormick Foliage, Steven A Bagen Law Firm

35 Robbie McDonald

MPH Motorsports 35
 Driver: Robbie McDonald Leslie,Ga
Owned by Reggie Gilbert and Pete Johnson
79 Chevy Camaro
Built motor by Robbie McDonald
R.D. Maier Trucking
All Pro Paint & Body
Southern Maine Beach Rentals
Nanny J's Creations
misTidy Cleaning
Roosters Tavern

4 Tony Campbell

Driver Tony Campbell Mt Dora,FL .HTI sponsored car# TEN 4

#02 Sean Babcock

Driver Sean babcock
Aka Yankee boy
Ocala Florida
1988 Camaro
Bemco chasis
Sponsors: American welding
Crew: Scott Krueger

12 Lee Akins

Driver: Lee Akins
From: Cordele Georgia
Car: Monte Carlo built by Burke racing chassis
Motor built: Extreme Racing Engine

3 Dylan Taylor

Driver- Dylan Taylor
Tony Bacon built nova
Poorboy chassis
Built 350
From Waynesville Ga

Will Gordon

Name - Will Gordon

Nickname - G

Hometown - Preston Ga

Car - Monte Carlo built by Gordon Motorsports

Motor - Built motor

Sponsors -
Marty's Used Tires Americus Ga
Fort Oil Company Lumpkin Ga
Could always use more help in helping a team (small team) but can get the job done.

Crew - Efrem Holbrook, Hunter Robbins, and my little boy Braxton Gordon

Travis Barnes

Thomas Harrell

Leesburg, GA

Scott Crews

Scott Crews
Alma, GA
Big Dawg
Chevy Camaro
Built motor
Ductwork Specialist, Winner's Choice Racecars
Chief: Scott Jones
Crew: Austin, Creg, Steve, & Jason

Russell Waters

Brunswick, GA

Robbie Haber

Daytona Beach, FL

OU812 Alvin Carlson

Waynesville, GA

Matt Bozeman

Lakeland, FL

Kyle Davis

Brunswick, GA

Jottie Burgamy

Jottie Burgamy
Jottie "The Body"
Wrightsville Ga
1976 Monte Carlo Big N Racing Chassis, Pit Bull Racing Engine

Jordan McDonald

21 Dusty Stafford

Dusty Stafford Cobb, Georgia Camero Built motor Cutting up lawn care Crew is Eddie,Marcus,James,Blake,Logan,and Conner

114 John Thorpe

John Thorpe
St.Augustine Fl.
114 thunderstock
Home tracks nfs, brp, vsp
Sponsors: Advance Auto Pparts, S&S Roofing, Hunt Drafting Solutions, Rob and Teresa Hicks, B&S Signs, Baxters Tree Service

91 Charles Christian

83 Shawn Taylor

76 Jeff Taibl

50 Jamie Flowers

37 Brett Roberts

22 Ricky Henderson

22 Michael Brown

Michael Brown
Age : 32
Hometown : Rincon , Ga ( Savannah )
Nickname: Downtown (Mike Brown)
Car : 75 Chevrolet Nova
Engine : Built by Donald Wooten
Sponsors : Fisher Motor Sports , Jake Patrick & Son Plumbing .
Bio : affiliated with Fisher motor sports by blood , I grew up around dirt track racing watching and helping my older brother ( William Fisher )  always had the passion for racing , started playing baseball in middle school and made varsity in my freshmen year . Continued ball after graduation and signed on with the Cleveland Indians 4 A my career snuffed short due to dislocated elbow . Came home married my wife and started a family , joined a few traveling ball teams here and there just never could regain the fire I once had in that time my brothers racing had really become apart of his life and was making a name every where he went . I started going and helping him again the passion and fever for racing was burning in me again . I told William I was wanting to race and he helped me find a car and quickly began gathering the necessity’s he helped me put it together and set it up and I ran my first race at Golden isle June 2018 11th place finish , went to Cochran again in June and qualified in for 2K to win due to rain out didn’t race , followed up at the end of June in Waycross speedway 10th place finish . I am a rookie but  I’ve got one of the best in the Enduro division setting my car up and guiding me and I will be a contender for the Border Line Brawl .
Thank you .

20 Luke Hayes

Brunswick, GA
Sponsor: Thick Life Motorsports

15 Caleb Payne

14 Tyler Sanders

Tyler Sanders
Dublin Ga
Car owner: Jody ivey
Chassis: bird build chassis, 602 crate
Car #14
Sponsors Joseph Summer, Attorney

14 Timothy Goforth

Hometown: Albany, GA
Home track: Needmore Speedway
Car: 1987 Camaro, 355 motor, Goforth Power
Sponsors: Scotty Barfield (Main sponsor.), my pocket and my dad's pocket

12 Jason Floyd

9 Matthew Davis

9 Chris Storey

9 Billy Ammons

Billy Ammons. Waynesville GA. 81 Camaro. 
Crew- Johnny Jones, Leighton Ammons, Chase Ammons, Gene Wilson, Chris Brown. 
Built Motor. 
Tony Smith Race Cars

8 Jimmy Weeks Jr.

7 Fletcher Ryan Mason

Fletcher Mason Nickname: The Raiford Rocket Hometown: Raiford Fl Car Make: 1978 Chevrolet Camaro Motor: Built Sponsors: Eat More Beef Henry Hodges Construction Father and Sons Fence Company D&D Dirtin Inc. MD Towing Janette Jennejohn Flatline Bow Fishing All-Steel Trailers JCM B4 Signs and Advertising Crew: Ryan Mason, Greg Garrett, Steve Garrett, Jason Garver

07 Matt Dixon

Matt dixon (The browntown bandit) 
40years old waynesville ga. 
79 camaro w/built engine by donnie durrance 
sponsers: stokes welding and machine, I-95 liquors,bran's hair salon,dixon mechanical

6 Johnny Barker